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well what can we tell you besides the fact that we have worekd with top co,pany brands and vendors over the years and because our career and hair and fashion is ever changing
  Fontana's Hair studio
   Color & Brazilian blowout
we appreciate you haning with us for a few minutes

   we are located in solana beach in an                       historical buiding
                 Fontana's Hair Studio
                  135 S. Hwy 101, ste A-1
                 Solana Beach Ca 92075


Our background is a club Redken Salon, with lots of techniques and salon education we stay current on whats going on we can fix match and recommend the right color and style for you
We started our Salon 16 years ago in Encinitas and loved the community and our location Client's Fontana's Hair Design was a Redken Clug 5th Ave Salon,We hosted Education Monthly for our staff and other local stylists we have spent our career staying on top of the industry standards with new and lastest techniques Our philosophy is the foundation of the hair is everything Here at our studio we want to help you achieve all your Hair Goals
We had an opportinity to relocate to Solona Beach we are a block from Flecther cove in a Historical buiding onthe coast Hwy and we can smell the ocean and have a view everday we are fortunate to be so close to a beautiful panramic veiw.

We love Hair color and think its the heart and soul of our buisness,Helping Matching reconditioning and getting your hair back and  or keeping your hair anti-aging so to speak is our number one priority for you and your hair no matter what age.
Currently we use Redken and Goldwell Color lines we have played with other colorlines in our experiance Goldwell and redken have a great grow out and last for weeks if your into the fun colors we have a couple we love like purvana and redken has some homecare to stay fresh.
We focus on Men and Women Color We love a mans color to look fresh and nature without those red tones,

We our looking forward to our bright future in Hair Color our inusrty is cuurent and always shifting to a better look we look forward in seeing you in our Chair
for the best look possible.